Referral Services

Dr Mark Smith - Surgery


The only AVCS Bord Certified Surgeon  north of Victoria. Tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO), Luxating patella (MLP), Total ear canal ablation (TECA), Soft palate resection, Osteochondritis Dessicans (OCD) are only a few examples of the service provided. Procedures and consultations by referral only. 

Other Hospitals please use a referral form.

Dr Eugene Gorodetski - Endoscopy


Dr Gorodetski travels from Vancouver upon request for endoscopic procedures. We love having him available to provide this non invasive modality that often saves us from having to do more invasive surgical procedures. 

Its always interesting to see what he finds in the stomach, noses, tracheas of our patients. 

Bone, rock or toy ingestion?  Lets get the camera in there and remove it. 

Chronic vomiting? Lets get some biopsies from the stomach and intestines. 

Nasal discharge? Most times Dr Gorodetski can get in there and see whats going on. 

Sonovu - Ultrasound


Using Sonovu Mobile ultrasound services allows us to provide rapid image collection for diagnosis by a Board Certified Veterinary Specialist such as Radiologist or Cardiologist. 

Some of the services commonly performed; Cardiac scans (ECHO), Abdominal scans, Tumor investigation, Pregnancy conformation and US assisted sample collection, among many others.